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A working meeting took place at CRC with the US Ambassador to Bulgaria - Ms Hero Mustafa

6 August 2020, a working meeting took place at the Communications Regulation Commission between the Chairman, Mr Ivan Dimitrov, and the US Ambassador to Bulgaria - Ms Hero Mustafa.
During the meeting, both sides discussed issues related to the approaching deployment of 5G networks and the possibilities for providing reliable and compliant security equipment and suppliers. Emphasis is placed on the topic of cybersecurity, the dynamics of technology development and the need for well-trained experts in this field.
Ms Hero Mustafa assured the Chairman of the Commission of the US Department of State readiness to cooperate and support the processes related to the deployment of 5G networks, as well as to provide opportunities for training of experts in the field of cybersecurity and exchange of experience.
For his part, Mr Dimitrov acquainted the Ambassador with the changes in the Bulgarian and European legislation in the field of electronic communications, allowing the deployment of networks and selection of equipment that meets the needs of security given end-users. Mr Dimitrov also presented some of the main activities of the Commission in this area, such as the construction of the electromagnetic compatibility laboratory and the transceiver stations register to support the process of 5G networks deployment.